Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote
Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote

Model: Harmony 950

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Product Includes
  • Full color touchscreen
  • Motion-activated backlit buttons
  • Works with over 270, 000 devices
  • One-touch activities: ex, Watch TV, Watch Roku, Listen to Music etc
  • Includes: Charging base and charger

Condition: used


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Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote works with over 270,000 entertainment devices from over 6,000 brands, including lighting controls, game consoles, multi-room systems, streaming devices such as Apple TV® and Roku® — and the list keeps growing. If it has a remote, you can probably control it with the Harmony 950. And you can preset up to 50 of your favorite TV orcable channels, and streaming services, and even display their logos for quick identification at a glance. Just touch the Netflix icon, and the remote sends out the commands to bring up that service on your TV. Want to watch the big game? Tap the ESPN logo and let the Harmony 950 do the rest.

Simple setup

To get started, connect the Harmony 950 to your Mac® or PC with the included USB cable. Go to Logitech's MyHarmony site. It will help you program your remote by asking some simple questions about your system and how you use it. It then downloads the control codes and command sequences to your remote. The MyHarmony site saves your settings for easy updates whenever you add or change gear.

Power at the ready

The Harmony 950 comes with its own charging station that doubles as a convenient storage base. But if you forget to dock it when you're done using it, don't worry. A built-in motion sensor powers down the remote if it's motionless for a while. Pick up the Harmony 950, and it "wakes up" instantly. That way, your remote won't run out of juice just sitting on the coffee table.


Product highlights:

  • swipe-and-tap 2-3/8" color touchscreen
  • one-touch activity icons such as "Watch TV," "Mood Music," "Play Games" and much more
  • up to 50 one-touch favorite channel icons
  • customizable button functions and touchscreen display
  • contoured, backlit buttons
  • controls up to 15 devices such as:
    • streaming media players like Apple TV, Roku®, and TiVo®
    • game consoles
    • CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players
    • TVs, receivers, and more
    • home automation gear, such as the Nest
  • motion sensor "wakes up" remote from auto sleep mode when picked up to save on battery life
  • USB port for downloading commands from MyHarmony website (USB cable included)
  • can learn IR codes from existing remote controls
  • built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • charging cradle with AC adapter
  • 2-1/8"W x 7-7/16"H x 1-1/8"D

Condition: Used in Excellent Condition

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