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Blog   - Best TV Mounting Service in San Antonio Texas

As difficult as it may have been for you to decide which Tv to purchase for your house or commercial site, setting it up and mounting it on a wall can prove to be

Blog   - Home Theater and Media Room Installation San Antonio

Every homeowner has a dream entertainment and media room that is equipped with all of the latest releases in entertainment technology, arranged in an incredibly aesthetically pleasing manner, and operable using a single remote. However, as

Photo   - TV and Sound Bar

TV and Soundbar mounted in game room. All wires concealed.

Photo   - 65 Inch TV relocation for customer - No wires!

TV relocated to opposite side of room - wireless cable box to be installed

Photo   - Wireless Access Point

Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point Installed outdoor to improve wifi signal around property

Photo   - TV mounted on drywall. No wires!

65 Inch Samsung Smart TV mounted on drywall. No wires!