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Blog   - Average Cost to Install a Home Theater System

Curious to know how much does it cost to install a home theater? No problem, here is a quick break down of what the average cost will be to install a 5.1 to 11.2 System. Prices will vary if your media room was prewired or not prewired. To receive package pricing all materials must be

Blog   - The Global Growth of the Home Theater Market

It is no secret that the world is moving towards a very specific direction and its moving very fast. We are seeing and experiencing the impact that new technology and its implementation is having across the

Photo   - TV mounted with speakers

60 inch TV mounted on drywall with speakers

Photo   - TV Mounted on fireplace

over the fireplace tv mount

Photo   - 70 Inch Fireplace TV mount

70 Inch TV mounted over stone fireplace.

Video   - How to hang tv over fireplace

How to mount a tv over fire place - SANUS