Why Sonos is An Excellent Audio System Solution for Any Home Theater

Al Amin md

By Al Amin md

Sonos, 3 years ago


You don’t need to be an audiophile to notice the difference from the high quality audio system in home theaters. Everybody enjoys a crisp, HD and beautiful sound when watching a movie or listening to music. One of the frequent audio systems we install for our customers are the audio systems created by Sonos. We are a Home Theater company located in San Antonio and frequently recommend and use Sonos as one of a complete home theater audio system solution.


- Easy to setup When designing a home theater system, the audio system plays a crucial role. It is important for the audio system to be easy to setup and use. The Sonos Home Theater Audio system can be connected with a simple optical cable. Everything is enjoyment after that since the speakers are connected wirelessly. - Surround All the Way with different options Sonos has 3 types of home theater systems. They can be 3.0 with just a playbar, 3.1 is if you add SUB to the Playbar, while the best sound is always produced with their 5.1 sound design (playbar + sub + surround speakers). The sound quality in this surround system is unbeatable. Again it is easy to set up and manage, all you need to do is determine your budget and pick the one that is in line with your budget. 5.1 is obviously the most powerful one. - Seeming less streaming of music

No matter if you are subscribed to different music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Apple or Google Play Music, you will be able to easily stream the music wirelessly with few simple taps. This means that you can control the music via your mobile devices or PC/Mac. But not only that you can stream music from music streaming services, you can also play music from your phones, computers, CD/DVDs as well. Your favorite playlists can be easily streamed across your home! - Enhanced Control Not only that you will be able to control the system with your remote, but Sonos also has Android and iOS apps that will give you control features over the sound provided by this home theater audio system. The cool thing about Sonos Home Theater Audio System is that you’ll be able to control the entire home. That means that you can stream music to 1, 2 or all rooms. To do that you’ll need to add Sonos speakers to every room.


Final Thoughts

Sonos is one of the best in the industry if we take into consideration features and sound quality. As home theater pros in San Antonio, we can conclude that this wireless home theater system is far from perfect. There are several flaws related to compatibility with other speakers and sound systems but overall it is a really good investment. No wonder that this audio system has 4.4 average user rating on Amazon, and was reviewed positively by tech media giants like CNet and Engadget.

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