Why Bose is one of the Best Home Theater Solutions

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Bose, the audio/video giant! They have been one of the best providers of the ultimate home theater experience. Let’s see why and why you should choose them.

  We all know that flat screens or huge LCD projectors can display amazing picture, but they are not designed to create a stunning sound. Here is when home theater audio sound systems like the ones of Bose can help. Their solutions are multiple! From one speaker solutions, to 5 speaker systems and sound bars, Bose offers versatility and quality that tends to satisfy various customer’s needs.

Bose Home Theater Options

As a brand, Bose stood out for quality of sound, prior to design and marketing. That is why you will be mostly impressed with the quality of sound, and not the branding and design. Although the design is good as well! Bose offers TV sound systems, Soundbars and 5 speaker sound systems. The mutual feature of these systems is the high quality sound they can produce. However, they differ in features and the power of the sound. The TV sound systems are usually simply support your TV with more stunning surround sound options. It is easy to use, compact, uses Bluetooth and can significantly enhance your media consuming experience. On the other side, Bose soundbars offer much versatile home theater options. There are 4 models of soundbars and they differ with the number of sound bars included. For the ones that just want a support sound system, the solo 5 TV sound system is recommended. But Bose offers much better media experience and stunning sound quality with the SoundTouch 120 and SoundTouch 130 which are more powerful soundbars. They feature Bose’s Flexmount technology which enables optimal sound throughout the whole room. There is WiFi and Bluetooth support i.e you will be able to stream music. The design is amazing and these soundbars support 4K videos. The best Bose option however is the stunning SoundTouch 520 home cinema system. It is a 5 speaker system that enables amazing 5.1 surround experience. It is the most powerful home theather sound system that Bose currently offers as well. The surround you will get with the Bose Sound Touch is stunning! With a combination of small and high performance speakers and the wireless Acousticmass module you will be able to produce stunning bass no matter where you stand or place the system.

Why Get Bose:

- German quality engraved in each product! - Stunning quality of sound - Affordable - Great options for every budget

Final Thoughts

Over the years Bose is constantly growing and getting more and more market share of the home theater systems. This is justified as the company is putting great effort in upgrading their sound quality, features and design. If you need to try out Bose or talk about their products with real professionals, contact Home Theater Proz of San Antonio Texas. We are an authorized Bose dealer and Installer for years and have amazing experiences and knowledge about the brand.

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