Tips on Finding the Right TV Mounting Service in SA

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By Al Amin MD

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Although we have tablets, smartphones, and laptops on the go, we still spend hours watching television each week. With the evolving technology, televisions are also consistently modifying. They are more dynamic, brighter, and elegant today than ever before.

Not only that, televisions also have increased accessories than before, such as game consoles and soundbars. All these things take more space in our bedrooms and living rooms.

That being said, the best solution to have more space in the room is TV installation on the wall. However, you can't DIY, so it is best to hire professional TV mounting services for a stress-free experience.

In this blog, we share useful tips on how to find the right TV installation service in SA. Let's take a look!

01 – Go for Credible Sources

There are numerous DIY methods for mounting your luxurious new HDTV or 4K on your wall. However, you should not take the chance of dropping your TV and destroying it in the process. As a result, one can contact a reputable TV installation service to ensure that the installation is flawless.

A guide may be used to locate a reputable TV mounting service. Inquire with a relative or friend to see if they know of a reliable installation service provider. Since you can benefit from someone else's experience, it's a smart way to get the job done. On the other hand, you may request technicians from the appliance store after you buy the TV from their showroom.

02 – TV Installation Cost

Various businesses bill for their services in multiple ways. On a search engine, you can look up different services based on your chosen venue. For the TV installation service, you can get many results.

Compare and contrast each company's prices, as well as the additional services it provides. For example, one company might charge a little more than another, but it includes a TV frame as part of the mounting service. As a result, such a service provides better value for money than one that charges a lower upfront fee. So, be sure to make a wise choice.

03 – Turnover Time

Customers are taken very seriously by reputable TV installation services. Companies who don't care about their customers take days or weeks to send a technician to install a television. On the other hand, a reputable service provider can dispatch a technician within a few hours of receiving your call.

You can make an appointment by calling them or going to the company's official website. You must include your venue, the size of your television, and the time you want the service to be available. The technician from the business will arrive as soon as possible.

04 – Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

A reputable service provider can provide you with a warranty on the goods and parts used in the TV installation. A 30-day guarantee, a 90-day guarantee, and so on can be offered. The hologram of authenticity should be on each of the parts given. As a result, be sure the service provider gives you a receipt for the details, goods, and services they provide.

05 – Précised Mounting

A skilled technician can drill a secure frame into the wall to support your television. You can rest easy knowing that your television will be safe. The technician would also recommend the best place to install your TV, such as away from the heat of a fireplace or humidity, furniture placement, light sources, and so on. The technician will mount your TV and provide additional services such as device setup and cable masking, among other things.

Overlooked Benefits of Mounting a TV On Wall

You will Save Money

You can save money by mounting your TV on the wall, in addition to saving space and removing large pieces of furniture. Who wants to pay for a piece of furniture that takes up a large portion of your apartment and serves only one purpose – a TV stand? If you mount your TV on the wall, you can save money by not having to buy any furniture, which can cost up to $300, and you will have more time to look for the perfect one that suits your apartment's style.

No Glare from Sunshine and Lights

We've all had the experience of the lighting in our room or sunlight reflecting from the windows causing a problem for a better viewing experience by covering the entire screen or casting shadows on a portion of it at certain hours of the day or when relaxing after work while watching your favorite TV show. It's dangerous to put your TV on a stand because you risk losing its balance and ending up with a sad result. With a tilting or full-motion TV wall mount, you can change the TV angle to your preferred viewing position in the living room at any time.

Better Health

We have and use various electronic devices in our everyday lives, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones, and, of course, televisions at work and home. The more we use them to ease our everyday chores and job duties, the more health risks we have for our eyesight or body position. Mounting your TV on the wall will provide you with an acceptable viewing distance and height at which you can mount and enjoy your TV. It can be adjusted to any place you like, bringing the comfort we all want to just your apartment.

Enhanced Safety

Moving your television to a stand can be dangerous, but keeping it there when you have children or pets in the house can be much riskier for both them and your television. Consider your children running around the building, interacting with their siblings or your pet; a sudden impact can result in severe injury or, at the very least, shattered TV screens. As a result, mounting a TV on the wall is the perfect solution for reducing household risks in your apartment without looking back.

More Space

When your TV is fixed on the wall, you would have less furniture in your bedroom, lounge, or office – meaning you will get more free space. Since we all want brighter, fresher homes and more open areas to appreciate the feeling of being at home or working comfortably - mounting your TV on the wall would be the perfect solution for saving space and removing large pieces of furniture that serve only one purpose.


You will save money by not pouring your money into a piece of furniture with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You will also save money by buying TV wall mounts, which are not as expensive as other pieces of furniture. Since everyone's tastes are different, we sell and provide a wide range of wall mounts starting at $25. It's a cost-effective way to get rid of your TV stand, save money, and have your TV fixed on the wall, freeing up more room and improving the appearance of your apartment.


We hope that you find this guide helpful and informative. Your television is an expensive investment, so make sure to choose the professional and reliable TV mounting services.

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