How To Setup a Home Theater System By Yourself

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By Al Amin md

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If you are a cinephile, throw yourself into your most comfortable chair and enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster will probably seem like a perfect plan for the weekend. However, in order to take your viewing experience to the next level, you need a home theater setup guide that will help you make the sound of your favorite movies and shows come alive. From how to properly place the furniture and speakers to the choice of cables and hardware, this guide will allow you to configure the home theater system of your dreams. Prepare the popcorn and turn off the lights because after reading this guide, you will be ready to take control, relax on the sofa and immerse yourself in an impressive surround sound with your new home theater system.


Step 1: Selecting the perfect room

Deciding which of the rooms is the best room to set up your home theater system comes down to a matter of available space and personal preferences. Whether you plan to integrate the cinema at home from the first moment in your new home or if you are remodeling a basement, a garage or a free room, there are some important issues that you must take into account.

You probably want a quiet room that allows you to control the amount of incoming light. You will enjoy much more of your home theater system if you can regulate lighting and minimize other sounds. The room has enough space to house speakers, cables, controls and hardware, but it should not be a completely empty room, since the sound will bounce and produce an echo.


Step 2: Choosing the best seat in the house

One of the most important elements of the home theater system is the selection of the perfect seat. Choose seats with low backs, as raised backrests can block audio, interrupt the flow of sound and compromise the sound quality. It is also essential to place the chairs at a safe distance from the speakers and the walls, since their proximity can affect the way in which sound flows through the room. To further reduce distractions, select seats that support you and are comfortable. The last thing you would want is to pause the action because the chair causes back pain. Look for practical seats with a good backrest for the column.


Step 3: Proper placement of the speakers

Now that you've selected the ideal place to watch your movies, it's time to turn up the volume. The configuration of the home theater system requires the correct placement of the speakers, along with the rest of the components that provide you with a crystal clear listening. Whether you are placing the speakers in a large space or in a small space, visualize how your home theater system will be once installed and consider who will use it. When placing the speakers, you must decide if you want to direct the sound in one direction for an individual transmission or distribute several speakers throughout the room to ensure high-quality audio for multiple viewers.

The center channel speaker, which transmits most of the dialogue, should be placed to be centered on the main seat, either above or below the screen. However, not to miss any detail or have to rewind, place this speaker at the height of the ears or the closest height that allows the configuration of your home theater system.

The left and right surrounding sound channels are responsible for producing ambient sounds such as applause and audience whistles during a concert. To achieve maximum impact, you should place them at approximately 90-110 degrees relative to the listening position; that is, at the level of the ears. Also, we recommend that it stay slightly above the head.

The subwoofer is the easiest to place. You can place it anywhere in the room, as long as it is close enough to the receiver. Of course, avoid placing it in a corner or in a semi-closed space, as it will cause the sound to be heard too loud.

If you are a novice in the world of home theater systems and are not sure which speakers to choose, consider purchasing a wall-mounted soundbar, such as the Sony HT-NT5. The compact three-way speakers and six independent amplifiers in the system are specifically designed to wrap you in the impeccable sound of high-resolution audio from television, songs, movies and video games. However, if you want a larger home theater system and a true cinema experience, we recommend the Sony HT-ST9 sound bar, which will achieve cinematic surround sound thanks to Home Theater Proz

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