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In search of a reliable TV Mounting Service in San Antonio? Then look no further.


As difficult as it may have been for you to decide which Tv to purchase for your house or commercial site, setting it up and mounting it on a wall can prove to be twice as difficult a process. How do you decide which wall to put up the TV on? How high should it be placed on there? Which stand or bracket is the best one to use for your TV in particular? And what tools do you need to actually get it up there?

If you live in San Antonio, Texas or any surrounding area, such as Boerne, Stone Oak, Alamo Ranch, Westover Hills, Terrell Hills, or Castroville, then all you need to do is to book an appointment with Home Theater Proz, sit back, kick your legs up, and relax as we take care of the whole TV mounting and installation process.


What The Proz will do for you


At Home Theater Proz, we have a team of skilled technicians and experts that are well versed in modern entertainment technology and products, equipped with the knowledge needed to handle all of your home theater installation and TV mounting requirements better than anyone else in San Antonio. Here is a detailed overview of everything we can do for you and your residence or commercial business site:

Our technicians can perform the most complicated and troublesome audio and video installations.

They are also equipped to complete Whole Home Audio and Media Room Installation Services if requested.

You can trust us with indoor and outdoor TV mounting.

In particular, we specialize in 5.1-2, 7.1-2, 9.1-2, and 11.1-2 Custom Home Theater Installation, but can also deal with other kinds and types of projects.

Our outdoor TV installation services include the likes of Mirage Vision TV, Sunbrite TV, and SkyVue Fusion TV.

When it comes to TV mounting, indoor or outdoor, we can deal with most kinds of wall surfaces, including but not limited to drywall, brick, stone, and wood paneling. We can also help you install an above the fireplace TV system.

Home Theater Proz technicians can help you perform TV Setup and also set up the Soundbar for optimum functioning.

Our technicians will ensure that all the wiring is neatly organized, arranged, and concealed as best as possible so as to not compromise on the aesthetic or visual appeal of your residential or commercial space.

They will be fully responsible for the whole setup and connection process, and will clean up after as well.


Deciding how and where to get your TV mounted

Actually making the decision of where you would like to mount and hang your TV set can be quite difficult. It is not as simple as just looking at and then pointing at a wall. You have to take several factors and parameters into consideration, such as where the light sources in your room are located, how tall your walls are, what the ideal height would be to view your TV from, and whether you will be watching the television standing, sitting, or lying down. When our expert and knowledgeable professional comes to service you, they will take all of this information to determine the best spot and height at which your TV must be mounted. They will also need to know where your wall sockets and power outlets are located so that the television can be powered adequately and the wires can be concealed to the best of their abilities.


How our payment system works

Our first and foremost priority is ensuring that you receive the high quality of service that we strive for. That is why we do not take any payment until after the job has been finished and all of your requirements and expectations have been fully met to the best of our abilities. You can also pay through a number of different means, depending on what is most convenient for you. You can pay the technician on site at your residence or business site using cash or a check. You can also pay using a credit card or pay online through Square Credit Card Processing after completing the online booking process.


All in all, you will not find any other service in the entirety of San Antonio, Texas that cares for you and your home theater, entertainment, and mounting needs like Home Theater Proz does. You can browse through our many five star customer reviews and see how critical customer satisfaction is to our work ethos. If you have any questions or queries regarding our services or the booking process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can click on the button below to book us for a job and experience our three dimensional, customer centric service for yourself.

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