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Affordable Home Theater and Media Room Installation in San Antonio


Every homeowner has a dream entertainment and media room that is equipped with all of the latest releases in entertainment technology, arranged in an incredibly aesthetically pleasing manner, and operable using a single remote. However, as blissful as this fantasy may sound and visualize in your imagination, turning that empty space in your home into an actual home theater is a difficult, and often times frustrating and aggravating task. Fortunately, you have Home Theater Proz to assist you in your ordeal.

As suggested by our brand name, at Home Theater Proz, we want you to hand us over the responsibility of building and setting up a home theater that will make you feel as if you are sitting in an actual, commercial cinema or movie theater. Our team of expert professionals has all the knowledge and practical experience needed to ensure that they produce the best possible design and arrangement for your home theater so as to ensure that the audio and visual quality, as well as the overall vibe of the room not only meets, but transcends the expectations of you and your guests.

We will help you transform that empty space at your residence into something that feels and looks as if it has just come out of a fancy and expensive home decoration magazine or website. Our technicians have helped hundreds of individuals in the San Antonio area in designing, setting up, and installing the perfect home theater, complete with large screens, high quality projector, bone shaking woofer systems, and surround sound with such amazing bass that it makes you melt into the couch cushions with glee and satisfaction. Rest assured, that you will never even have to step a foot outside the comfort of your own home to get the full cinema experience as you sit back and relax to enjoy a movie or TV show.

But more than anything, we view our projects as collaborations as opposed to simple services. Your input, ideas, and expectations lie at the center of our working business model as we want to make sure that the end product is the stuff of your dreams.


What our professionals will do for you

Here is an overview of everything our technicians will take care of and install when setting up your home theater:

      Our technicians will work in collaboration with you to determine the best possible design and configuration for the various equipment and devices to be incorporated into your home theater.

  • They will take into account your ideal expectations and experience that you wish to derive from your home theater.

  • We specialize in installing and setting up 5.1, 7.1-7.2, 9.1-9.2, and 11.1-11.2 Home Theaters in particular, but are not limited only to this selection.

  • We can also help install 110” to 135” projector screens and set up projector systems for your home theater.

  • We will take care of the TV mounting and organization and concealment of the associated wiring and cabling to the highest and best possible degree.

  • Our technicians are equipped to deal with complete audio and video equipment setup, including the installation of on-wall, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers.

  • They can also install floor model and in-wall subwoofers to further accentuate and embellish your complete home theater experience.


Choose us for your Media Room Projects

If you are looking for a home theater installation service that will create a masterpiece for you and design it like it is their own, then you need not look further than Home Theater Proz. As proven by the hundreds of clients and five star, positive reviews, we believe in providing our clients with only the highest standard and quality of services using our cumulative years worth of practical experience and field specific knowledge.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our technicians, then follow the button below to initiate the booking process. Our work ethos revolves around our valued customer which is why we only require you to pay us at the end of the installation process after ensuring that you are completely satisfied with all aspects of the service provided to you by our professionals

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