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Security Camera Installers in San Antonio

By Admin Created on 2017-12-28

With technology advancing, these days almost everything we have is wireless. Wireless security cameras have increased in their popularity among many homeowners due to dozens of advantages and because they are easy to set up, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. If you are looking for Wireless Security Camera Installers in San Antonio or installation service in San Antonio, don’t worry – we can certainly help you. But, let’s see the most important things you need to know if you want to get any type of Wireless Security Camera Installation.

What are wireless security cameras?

Lorex Wireless Security Camera[/caption] A wireless security camera is a closed-circuit television camera that contains integrated transmitter which sends video wirelessly in the air to a receiver, instead of through a wire. The video and audio signal are transmitted through a radio band, unlike the wired security camera who transmit everything through cables. There are different types of wireless security cameras – some of them require at least one cable or wire for power, some of them are powered by batteries and completely cordless, etc. Wonder how they work? Well, the wireless radio transmitter that is built-in on the camera broadcasts the camera’s video, then it is picked up by a receiver, and the receiver is connected to a monitor or a recording device.

Why do you need a wireless security camera?

One of the biggest pros of a wireless security camera is that you can place it anywhere within the range of a wireless receiver. These cameras are small, compact and can be easily concealed and hidden because they have no wires attached. You can forget about data transferring cable and you can enjoy crystal-clear audio, sharp images and video footages that the wireless security camera captures. Besides their ease of use and user friendliness, they are very affordable and inexpensive, and can be easily installed. Why install them at your home? They can help you keep an eye on everything that’s going on when you’re not there. If you’re afraid of someone lurking in or  outside your home when you’re out for a drink, at work or on a vacation, if you fear for your family’s safety and want to ease your mind, wireless security cameras are the perfect solution. They will provide you with the protection you need and will serve you as an important prevention from potential intruders.

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