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Tips on How To Calibrate a Theater at Home

By Admin Created on 2018-07-17

If you want to live a real cinema experience in your home with the help of the horns of your theater at home, it is best to make sure that they are placed correctly and that, in addition, they are calibrated in an optimal way, so here we will give you three tips.


The first thing you have to do is to install the theater at home, a part of this process is to distribute the speakers in the space you have chosen. The recommendation is that the central speaker is in front of you and that the subwoofer is placed in a corner, a good place could be next to the furniture where the home theater is located.

As for the speakers, their position will depend on the space and the tastes of the user, but in order to have a good distribution of the audio the ideal is that they are in the corners of the room and that they are not totally in front, they have to have a slight inclination of about 30 ° and always aim towards the center of the space that you want to condition.


Once you have accommodated and connected the speakers in the way you want, the next step is to locate within the home theater configuration menu the audio options that exist, so it is important to find the option to calibrate decibels to perform horn speaker settings. This step serves so that the sound is not flat.

The adjustment of the decibels can be made taking the central speaker as reference. The recommendation is that it has a little more power than the others because it is the basis of the sound of the team and the others are just support. It is in the center speaker where the sounds of the voices of the characters are reproduced, for example, so it is at the same level as the others you will probably have to raise the volume a lot to hear the voices well, but if you leave it a couple above decibels this will not be necessary. 

In some home theater models there are also options to indicate to the team how far the user will be from the front side speakers and the center speaker, as well as the space between them and those placed at the back, with the objective to optimize the delay that must be in the sound so that the surround experience is better.


After calibrating the decibels of each speaker, it is always best to perform a tone test to know if the equipment was configured properly or if it is necessary to continue adjusting. There are home theater models that have the option of audio test (Test tone), but in case you do not have the option at hand, what you should do is simply start using the equipment by placing yourself in the position destined to start living the experience as if everything were already one hundred percent and from the experience and the trial and error method make the necessary adjustments.

Finally, the only thing remaining after having calibrated the speakers according to the tastes and appreciation of the user is to sit down to enjoy a good movie or television series with the peace of mind that the audio will be distributed in the room as decided by the person and not as it comes from the factory.